Buying Furniture that Fits your Style

Written by Dionne. Posted in Affordable furniture, Bedroom furniture, Furniture stores in tampa fl

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Furniture has been known to be the third most expensive item anyone will buy, after purchasing a house and a car. That seems crazy! Retail furniture stores can be found in basically every city, and have multiple choices. People have been furnishing their homes over the centuries with many types of furniture. Bedroom furniture is among some of the most expensive that you will purchase for your home.

So how far back can we date furniture? It might be hard to pinpoint. In Skara Brae, a Neolithic Village near Orkney, was found to have a unique range of stone furniture. This furniture dated all the way back form 3100-2500 BC. The people in Skara Brae would build their furniture from stone because there was constantly a wood shortage in Orkney. Can you imagine having stone furniture today? Talk about an uncomforta