Handicap Bathrooms Can Provide a Higher Quality of Life

Written by Dionne. Posted in Bathroom remodeling companies, Bathroom remodeling in phoenix, Handicap bathrooms

Handicapped bathroom

Do you need to install a handicapped bathroom to help a family member who is disabled? A bathroom that is accessible to those people who are disabled can improve the quality of life. There is also the added benefit that whenever a bathroom is upgraded or remodeled it provides a good return on investment.

There are measurements and dimensions that need to be addressed in handicap bathrooms. If someone in a wheelchair will use the bathroom, the sink must be open underneath to allow the wheelchair user to wheel up to it. Handicap bathrooms must also provide a larger turning radius for people in wheelchairs or those using walkers. Additionally, sinks should be higher that usual to allow a person utilizing a walker to stand straight up against the sink, without having to bend over.

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