Is Your Home Secure? Check Your Windows!

Written by Dionne. Posted in New window installation, Replacement front door, Windows replacement windows

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Owning a home comes with a lot of maintenance. A lot of the things that need replacing in a home are obvious; when a light bulb starts flickering or sputters out, you replace it. When the paint on the walls starts to peel, you re-paint it. Some things that do not have an obvious tell for when they should be replaced are the windows and doors, though. After all, how would you know they’re in need of maintenance apart from a window or door literally falling out of the frame? However, despite their seeming reliability, it is necessary to buy a new window and door from time to time, and there are a few really good benefits to doing so:

1. New Doors and Windows Are More Efficient

Older windows are a lot more likely to have subtle problems; that’s just one of the basic facts of window ownership. Over a decade o