3 Bathroom Remodeling Ideas That Will Hold Their Value

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Custom remodeling projects can create a dilemma for homeowners. On the one hand, you can get every tiny detail exactly as you like it; on the other hand, you probably want to get at least some of that money back someday when you sell your house, and buyers may not like your personal taste. This dilemma becomes particularly pointed when you’re looking at bathroom and kitchen remodeling, since they’re the two most expensive rooms in the house to renovate. But fortunately, bathroom and kitchen designs also have the most potential to add lasting value to your home, and there are lots of looks both you and a future buyer will love. Here are three bathroom remodeling ideas to set you on the right track of creating something that will appeal to buyers when you’re ready to put your house on the market.

  1. Keep it Classic

    Considering the high cost of remodeling a bathroom, it’s always a good idea to stick to tried-and-true designs. Vanities for bathrooms come in a variety of styles, but choosing one that looks like a piece of furniture — going back to the dressing-table origins of a vanity — adds a focal point for the room. Contrast dark, rich colors of wood with light paint and tile for a classic feel. If you can afford it, marble is always a beautiful choice.

    If you need to keep costs down a little, even plain white subway tile looks far higher-end than the square white tile common in builder-basic homes today. Combine it with penny tile on the floor, and you’ll have a look that will be stylish at least as long as the materials hold up.

  2. Add Some Flair

    This may seem counterintuitive, but the best way to create a fun, unique bathroom is to start with clean lines, light colors and plain but high-quality building materials. Go for extremely simple designs, but splurge a little on natural stone, custom concrete work and custom cabinetry.

    If you’re keeping an eye on resale value down the road, try to add color and your own personality in soft finishings, rather than hard — that is, bright purple paint rather than bright purple countertops, or funky frog curtains and towels rather than funky frog tile. The simple, modern choices in tile and stone will make your fun pops stand out even more, but this way buyers won’t be scared off if they don’t share your colorful taste.

  3. Go Green

    When you’re looking at bathroom remodeling ideas, one of the most popular goals is to create an at-home spa. Why not take it one step further? If you’re already creating a relaxing spa feel, consider remodeling with the environment in mind, too. Low-flow showerheads can feel luxurious while saving water, and toilets with two flush settings are a good way to conserve.

    You can also make sustainable choices in building materials. Of all the sustainable bathroom flooring options to consider, bamboo fits a spa-like design feel the most, but you will need to keep water spills to a minimum (making it a better choice for a master bath than a family or kids’ bath). Remember that rebates, tax breaks and other monetary benefits are often available for green remodeling projects, helping to offset the initial cost of building responsibly.

Do you have any bathroom remodeling ideas to share? Chime in using the comments below!

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