3 Things You Need to Do to Get Your Lawn Ready For Winter

landscapingFall lawn care is your last chance to get your property ready for the winter ahead and to ensure that your landscaping will continue to produce curb appeal in the spring. Here are just a few pieces of lawn maintenance landscapers recommend you do before the snow starts falling.

Spread Mulch.

One of the first things you’d be wise to do to get your yard ready for winter is to spread some mulch. About two to three inches of fresh mulch around your yard’s trees and shrubs should do it. You’d be wise to buy the mulch yourself at a store rather than use the free stuff, since it usually has disease spores.

Dig Up the Dead.

No, not the graveyard. Your lawn. Get rid of all the dead annuals. That way you won’t have to look at them all winter. Be sure to only take care of the dead stuff, and not the dead limbs on living plants. You don’t want to prune, as it encourages growth. You want your plants to remain dormant for winter.

Wrap Up Your Delicate Plants.

Sorry, but your delicate plants aren’t going to last through the winter if they’re left on their own. Snow, ice, and wind will dry and split your shrubs, small plants, and trees. To protect your landscaping, hide small plants under pots or buckets, wrap shrubs in burlap, and surround any vulnerable tree with shredded leaves.

Now is the time to get your lawn ready for winter. If you wait to take care of it, you’re going to one day see snow fall on your unprepared yard. Be sure to spread a few inches of mulch around, take care of any dead plants that may be haunting your garden, and wrap up your delicate plants.

If you have any questions or landscaping ideas, feel free to share in the comments.

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