3 Ways to Prevent Damage to Your HVAC System

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HVAC, or whole-home heating, cooling and ventilation systems, may seem out of reach for many homeowners, especially since climate control costs already account for, an average, over half the energy bill in American homes. It’s true that the initial installation costs can be steep, but modern HVAC systems can actually save homeowners money on utilities by being energy efficient, making them a smart choice in the long run. If you do decide to install HVAC, here are three tips for making the most of your heating and cooling system and keeping the costs associated with HVAC repair services to a minimum:

  1. Get It Properly Installed:

    HVAC systems can be complex, and proper installation can affect both a unit’s energy efficiency and its lifespan. You have many options for home heating and cooling systems; there are even renewable energy systems such as geothermal heat and solar electric power that can be tied into a whole-home system. But in order to save you money in the long term, these systems absolutely must be installed by qualified companies.

  2. Clean and Change Filters:

    The best way you can prevent damage (and costly HVAC repair services) is to change your filters regularly. Air filters should be changed at least every other month, both to ensure you’re getting the freshest air possible and to increase the efficiency of the system. Filters are a small up-front cost compared to a damaged unit.

    Depending on how your system is installed, it may be possible for you to do some basic cleaning yourself. For example, you might be able to clean your evaporator—if you can access it—with a stiff-bristled brush and a mild cleaning solution. But you should also schedule regular ductwork cleaning with a professinal company.

  3. Have Regular Inspections:

    If you experience any changes in your system that aren’t easily explainable, contact your heating and cooling repair services provider immediately. This might be anything from a higher-than-usual energy bill that isn’t accompanied by a weather change to a room that suddenly feels cold all the time. Anything you notice might be a sign that something has gone wrong and should be repaired before it causes additional problems.

    In addition, you should schedule an inspection at least once a year regardless of if you’ve had any problem (if you want to be efficient, you can have it combined with a cleaning appointment). This will ensure you’re not faced with a broken furnace in the middle of January or no AC when it’s 110 degrees out.

What do you do to prevent the need for costly HVAC repair services? Share your advice in the comments. Visit here for more.

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