5 Great Backyard Landscaping Ideas

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Does your backyard need a face lift? Maybe you’re moving into a newly-built home and your yard is as barren as a tundra, or the house you’ve moved into has a yard fit for farm animals. You’re going to need some backyard landscaping ideas to turn that blank canvas into a lusciously green masterpiece.

Before digging into the backyard landscaping ideas, there are a few benefits for choosing a professional landscaping company for the job. First, it will save you and your family a ton of time and energy. It will also give your backyard a professional appearance.

Landscaping can also enhance your home’s price and reduce it’s time on the market (not that you’d want to sell right away!). If you’ve moved into an older home, bringing in a professional landscaper can often keep little yard problems from becoming costly disasters later on.

So, if you’re convinced you need a professional, the first step is to take a site inventory which includes an analysis of the soil, drainage, climate conditions, and any existing vegetation on the property. Then it is on to the design phase!

Here are five backyard landscaping ideas to choose from

  1. Terraces: This isn’t for the famous French gardens anymore. Terracing your yard has many benefits, including adding privacy for neighbors who may be close by. Using different levels in your backyard can also help section off the yard into different outdoor rooms.
  2. Water Features: Using landscaping stones, have your professional landscaping company create a beautiful water features (fountain, creek, etc.) that can pose as the center of attention in your garden. Keep in mind you will need to choose what hardscaping materials you want for this feature.
  3. Kid and Adult Friendly: Include spaces that both you and your children are able to enjoy. Adding a spacious deck that includes a seating area for the adults and a hot tub for the kids is a great way to keep everyone together yet making sure everyone is happy at the same time.
  4. Home Garden: Everyone wants one, so why not bite the bullet and invest in one? Choose landscaping plants that not only look gorgeous in bloom, but provide you with healthy eating choices as well. Raspberry bushes and apple trees are a great addition to any yard looking for both form and function.
  5. In Touch with Nature: If you’ve got the right trees, it could be a great investment to build a tree house or fort for your kids. These days, many children opt to play inside. Instead, give them something to get them outdoors that will allow them to use their imagination while expending a bit of energy.

By no means are these the only backyard landscaping ideas that are trending these days. Do some more internet searching and decide what design is best for your backyard.

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