5 Tips for Optimizing Your Solar Energy System

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Solar installation and the associated electrical work can come with a high price tag, but the investment can pay off over time, especially if you consider the following tips for making your solar energy system run at top efficiency:

1. Use the best solar installers to take care of the complex electrical work and panel installation. You can save money in the short term by installing panels yourself, but installing them incorrectly can reduce the energy panels absorb. This can actually make homeowners lose the money they thought they were saving. Professional solar contractors can make sure you get the most for your money.

2. Place and angle solar panels where they can receive the most sun. Professional panel installers can help you find the ideal location for each panel. Even if the best placement disrupts the appearance of your home, its important to remember that panels will benefit the overall well-being of your house and the planet.

3. Energy efficient appliances like light bulbs and refrigerators can be great complements to your solar energy system. Appliances with EnergyStar ratings are energy efficient and, like solar panels, often have a higher initial investment cost and pay for themselves in lower utility bills over time.

4. Research solar panel costs and styles before settling on a system for your home. Take customer and expert opinions into account but be careful taking opinions from anyone selling you solar panels. You’ll usually get more reliable information from people who actually paid for them. Check out customer reviews online and talk to an installer if you need help.

5. Regular maintenance is pretty easy to keep up with once solar panels are installed. They don’t have moving parts or complicated electrical workings like generators. They just need to be examined for damage and cleaned regularly. Snow should be cleared off in the winter and trees should be trimmed if they’re keeping sunlight from getting to the panels.

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