A Window onto Heating Efficiency

Hot rolled steel windows

Remodeling? Rebuilding? Do you want a lighter, safer home, with more energy efficiency? Who doesn’t? Well, the answer to all those desires are steel residential windows and doors.

More Light

Your home is already, beautiful, it’s your castle, but it’s not as bright and light as you’d like. Shadows fall as the afternoon wanes. Steel residential windows and doors are custom manufactured on a project-specific basis, with a multitude of metal window options, and offer the ability to fill large areas while maintaining narrow sight-lines, which allow more light into a space.

Home Safety

One of the most important things in life is keeping our families safe. In 2013, 1,240,000 fires were reported in the U.S., with one of those being a home fire every 85 seconds. Right now, with so much of the country hot and dry, fires can spring up at a any moment. Knowing that your family is protected by fire rated windows, which provide openings large enough to allow your family to escape, or to allow fully equipped firefighters to enter from the outside gives one a peace of mind.

And residential steel windows meet fall prevention requirements; they can easily be limited to restrict opening, yet still be easily cleaned with a release.

Energy Efficiency

The typical house, loses 15% to 22% of its heat through its windows. Replacing standard, single-pane windows with Energy Star certified steel residential windows and doors, can result in household savings of up to almost $500 a year.

Steel windows and doors are incredibly thermally efficient. The thermal resistance of steel is 5 times greater than that of aluminum and the strength of steel affords those narrow sight-lines, that reduce the ratio of glass to framing. The more glass there is in a door or window, the better the U-value (the measure of the flow of heat through your home; a lower U-value means better the insulation).

And hot rolled steel windows are manufactured from 100% recycled steel; talk about efficient, all that thermal efficiency and low carbon footprint.
So, you get more light, a more peace of mind, and more for your money, why wouldn’t you invest in steel residential widows and doors? Doesn’t your family deserve the best when it comes too their home? Don’t You?

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