ACs- Key to low Maintenance is Limited use

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Limiting your use of any product or item protects it from needing repair. So if are trying to keep air conditioning repair costs to a minimum, you may want to try some ideas that will keep your house cooler with less energy.

Tips to Limit Air Conditioning Use, Repair Cost
Step Up Your Plants, Shrubbery Presence
-Heat from the beating sun on your roof and walls is a top source heat inside your house.
-Planting leafy plants and shrubbery not only deflect but absorb much of the suns rays, thus keeping the warming effect from the sun out of your house.
Window Treatments, Screens
-Limiting as much air and light as possible from the outside is imperative to keeping your house cool.
-Screens don’t just serve to keep bugs out of your home when you want to circulate some air, they also deflect light, especially useful on east-west facing windows.
Don’t Keep it Cranked
-Enjoying a setting of 78 degrees when you are awake and home is fine. But once you go to bed or are not home, be sure to turn the temp up to somewhere in the mid-80s, depending of course on the temperature outside.
Circulate Indoor Air with a Fan
-When air stagnates inside your home, it puts stress on your AC unit, making it do more work than it needs to. Alleviate some of this stress with well places box or floor fan to get the cooler temperature to circulate to warmer rooms.
Maintain or replace your AC
Keeping air conditioning repair costs air often easily addressed with regular maintenance. Easy do it yourself maintenance includes AC air filter replacement every 30 days. More advanced maintenance includes hiring an HVAC specialist annually to clean the unit. This will drive down home AC replacement and residential AC repair.

So the key to keeping air conditioning repair costs low is using it less. Using it less will not only protect the life of your air conditioner, but will keep your bills low. Helpful sites:

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