All About a Rehabilitation Care Group Columbus OH Can Count On

They offer gynecology and obstetric treatments to their patients. Doctors realized that patients receiving treatments for addiction could get pregnant and did not know what to do about it.

The pregnant patients require special attention to ensure substance abuse or rehabilitation treatments are not harmful to the baby as many of the drugs can cross the placenta. Our team offers individualized, individual care from conception through the birth of all women who are pregnant in order to ensure that both the mothers and babies are as safe as are. Prenatal consults are offered and counseling sessions, as well as birth-attendance, and post-partum care.

Recovery after addiction isn’t easy however it’s good to know there are others who care about you and will help in your return to your previous persona. Rehab Care Group Columbus OH provides holistic services in order to ensure that even patients who are the most vulnerable have access to all appointment for mental and medical healthcare essential for complete recovery. They take care of their patients with care. Patients are to them much more than their physical condition. Rehabilitation Care Group offers a holistic care approach and the most modern methods of healthcare delivery that treat patients of all ages.


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