Are You Getting Ready to Build a Backyard Patio?

Stone installation

It’s the first snowfall of the winter so it will likely be months before you are in the backyard grilling with family and friends, but that is no reason to ignore your dreams of brick patio designs for the area right outside the walkout basement door. In fact, because your dogs keep dragging in old grass clippings that you thought were buried by the new fallen snow, you can even imagine how nice a brick paving area would be. You could have a solid place to clean your dog’s feet off before they return inside.
As home owners across the country continue to create outdoor spaces that are nearly as nice as some of the indoor rooms, brick patio designs become more and more elaborate and detailed. The deck and patio construction industry, in fact, employs an estimated 129,518 people in America and is responsible for the continued upgrades that people are designing for their outdoor living spaces.
Patios that are build on a deep base of anywhere from eight to twelve inches will likely hold up well and look like new for many years. Perhaps their greatest asset is that patios can be very versatile. For instance, a patio can take on any shape and be built with a variety of materials, including concrete, pavers, stone, tile, brick, pebbles, rock or even pea gravel. The shape, design, and materials are only as limited as your imagination. Whether you want to work with a stone installation contractor and create a rugged looking outdoor cooking area or you want to work with brick pavers contractors and create a seating area the width of your home, outdoor patios are the perfect investment for many home owners.
So instead of falling into the winter gloom and hiding yourself away in the basement, why not open those windows and begin envisioning what a new brick patio could look like by next summer!

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