Are You Spending More Than You Should on Heavy Equipment? Try a Construction Rental Plan

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Many construction companies in the U.S. are choosing to rent heavy equipment rather than purchase it, citing maintenance costs. They are turning to companies that offer a wide range of equipment for light construction, heavy construction, agriculture, and roofing. In the past, equipment rental companies tended to focus on a relatively narrow cross-section of equipment, but now they have different equipment available that is appropriate for heavier industry.

The roofing, siding, and sheet metal industry is worth over $30 billion by itself, and is actually projected to grow over the next few years. Rental companies can provide man lift equipment for siding installation and scissor lift equipment for larger projects.

In addition to renting equipment, rental companies will make sure that scissor lift training requirements are met before allowing the rental to take place. The roofing and siding companies save money, and safety regulations continue to be met in the marketplace.

Portable lifting equipment is a popular choice for rentals, along with earth moving equipment and other heavy equipment needed for farming and large-scale agriculture. Worldwide, the market for heavy equipment is about $150 billion, with marked room for expansion.

Rental companies that have different equipment available might include crawler dozers, crawler excavators, and a variety of aerial work platforms. A telescopic handler, or telehandler, is also becoming popular as a rental and is used in farming.

As long as safety certifications are maintained and regularly checked, and other safety training is provided to companies who would like to rent heavy construction and farming equipment, the rental industry will continue to thrive.

Companies that do not wish to house and maintain equipment, or who are operating in different parts of the country and cannot transport heavy machinery, are increasingly turning to heavy equipment rental facilities.

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