Can Regular Maintenance of Your Heating and Air System Make a Difference?

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Did you know that 87% of all Americans, according to The Atlantic, have heating and air service in their homes? That’s not terribly surprising, not when you consider all of the different climates we have here in the United States. To many, having air conditioner service in the home is an essential amenity for living a comfortable, healthy life.

That being said, installing and maintaining a heating and air solution in your home can be an expensive proposition. As statistics from HomeAdvisor show, the average American will spend $3,909 to $6,415 just to have heating and air installed in the home. While this is a significant investment, most homeowners feel it’s well worth the cost. The problem? Very few realize that heating and air is a lifelong expenditure, going far beyond the initial installation costs.

Constant AC Repair Can Add Up Quickly
Especially this winter when Mother Nature is determined to keep us in arctic permafrost, many Americans are finding their home heating systems are taxed to their limits. Subsequently, the need for air conditioning repair services has been significant this year.

As you well know, keeping your heating up and running is essential to your continued well-being in this season of polar vortexes. Unfortunately, every time you need air conditioning services to fix your unit, according to HomeAdvisor, it can cost you as much as $971! While that might seem like an unavoidable and necessary cost, the fact is you can avoid home AC repair bills with the help of preventative maintenance.

Preventative Heating and Air Maintenance Can Make a World of Difference

  • Huge Savings on Utilities
  • As statistics from the ACCA, a society of air conditioning professionals, show, a malfunctioning air conditioning unit can cost anywhere from 28% to 67% more to maintain and run per year than a machine that is kept in tip-top shape. This increased cost includes maintenance, but a huge factor is how much wasted energy a unit in disrepair adds to your monthly energy bill. Scheduling regular preventative maintenance can help you avoid these costs.

  • It’s a Matter of Safety
  • Preventative maintenance isn’t just a matter of cutting your bills. As with any machinery, malfunctioning parts can lead to a fire in your home. According to FEMA, these sort of air conditioning malfunctions cause 2,300 residential fires per year! Regular maintenance means protecting your home and your family.

Investing in a home heating and air unit can be hugely beneficial, but you need to keep in mind that it will be an ongoing cost. With preventative maintenance, you can at least help to mitigate that cost going forward. More on this.

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