Treat Your House to Luxury Furniture

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Furniture in high point nc

Just like the heart of any home is the kitchen, the decor of the rooms in your house will often be the heart of your style or fashion sense. Handcrafted wooden heirlooms and vintage furnishings will give you an air of classicism, and bold, simple-colored sofas, chairs, and tables will usually slot you as a modernist. In either case, luxury furniture stores will have all the designs you want, and even ones that offer a modern classical touch.

There are more than 35,000 furniture retailers in the U.S. alone, and these stores, as well as online ones, account for the industry’s estimated $65 billion worth. In addition, because of the increase of disposable income in the U.S., luxury furniture sales are expected to rise through the year 2018, according to IBIS World estimates.

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