Treat Your House to Luxury Furniture

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Just like the heart of any home is the kitchen, the decor of the rooms in your house will often be the heart of your style or fashion sense. Handcrafted wooden heirlooms and vintage furnishings will give you an air of classicism, and bold, simple-colored sofas, chairs, and tables will usually slot you as a modernist. In either case, luxury furniture stores will have all the designs you want, and even ones that offer a modern classical touch.

There are more than 35,000 furniture retailers in the U.S. alone, and these stores, as well as online ones, account for the industry’s estimated $65 billion worth. In addition, because of the increase of disposable income in the U.S., luxury furniture sales are expected to rise through the year 2018, according to IBIS World estimates.

You can find luxury furniture for sale at most retailers in any city, as well as online. Luxury furniture stores are often stocked with several different popular brands, such as Bernhardt furniture, designer Marge Carson furniture, and items from the Henredon furniture collection. Each of these brands come with many different styles of tables, chairs, hutches, and bedroom sets, each designed with luxury in mind.

But with all the choices you have, from Stanley furniture, to Huntington House, to Lexington furniture, finding the right pieces for your home, that speak to your individual style, can be overwhelming. With the help of a high end interior designer, this process is much easier. These designers are trained in two different areas, structural and decorative design, and both of these aspects of design play a role in the furniture that they select for your home. Because their expertise is heavily relied upon by many luxury homeowners, the number of these professionals is projected to increase by more than 10,000 from 2010 to 2020.

Interior designers assess the size, structure, and feel of your home, make suggestions, and even look for luxury furniture for sale with you at stores and online. Once you both agree on the right pieces, you can have them custom made if needed, shipped to your house, and installed for you.

Finding the perfect living, dining, and bedroom sets for your house will take time, effort, and research. But, with a little help from an experienced designer, you can have your home looking exactly the way you imagined. To learn more, read this.

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