Bathroom Sinks and Your Next Remodel

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Bathroom sink cabinets

The bathroom plays a key role in homes around the world. For some people, this love affair may go too far. Modern Toilet is a bathroom-themed restaurant chain based in Taiwan; diners sit on non-working toilets, and food and drinks are served in miniature toilets, bathtubs and urinals. In America, the bathroom can play a key role in the home remodel process. If you want to improve the look of your bathroom, check out bathroom sink vanity units.

An ancestor of the modern flush toilet was installed at Richmond Palace during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, circa 1600, but she refused to use it because it made too much noise. In 1907, Thomas MacAvity Stewart of Saint

Two Ways to Make Your Bathroom Safer

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Contemporary toilets

Did you know that the first modern flush toilet was installed at Richmond Palace circa 1600? However, Queen Elizabeth I refused to use it because it was too noisy. Today, however, toilets, as well as many other fixtures, are commonly found in bathrooms. Since bathroom safety should be a top priority when shopping for fixtures, there are two important fixtures that provide bathroom safety for seniors.

1. Walk-in bathtubs. This bathroom fixture allows individuals to safely enter and exit the bathtub. Walk-in baths utilize a door that opens outwardly, and they also typically contain safety rails. These types of tubs can either be freestanding or installed against a wall, and they can even be used as corner bathtubs. Continue Reading No Comments