Choosing A Fence Cheaper Isn’t Always Better

Screened in porch

Experienced local fence companies can offer a multitude of attractive residential fencing ideas – some of which you many never have thought of.

A large majority (80 to 90%) of the zoning applications submitted are for installation of wood privacy fences (also known as stockade fences).

Fencing is a growth industry in the United States, with nearly 100,000 businesses employing over 270,000 people. Revenue is estimated to be $51 billion.

Whether your residential fencing ideas involve security
, privacy or just enhancing the overall look of your property, there are many factors that come into play when you’re making your decision. Among them are cost, durability and appearance.

A wood stockade fence may be less expensive, but will it last as long as one made of another material? Will it require maintenance or replacement of worn sections? Will a fence that looks cheaper diminish the overall appearance of an otherwise attractive property? And if you sell your house, are you likely to recoup any of the money you spent to install it? Nice looking aluminum fencing, for example, is estimated not only to enhance curb appeal but to return about 65% of its cost by increasing the value of the home.

Depending upon your budget and needs, residential fencing ideas can range all the way from basic chain link to the stately wrought iron fences we see surrounding some of the more expensive homes. Do you want true privacy, or are you simply trying to control access?

Before you decide, look around your neighborhood to see what fences have been installed and how they look to you. Do they complement the homes or detract from their appearance? Does the installation appear to have been done by a professional or is it a haphazard, do-it-yourself job that already needs repair?

People who see your property will make quick judgements regarding its appearance. What do you want your fence to say about you?

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