Cleaning Your Floors Can Be Easier Starting Today!

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All of us want to live in a clean home, but sometimes it seems that there aren’t enough hours in the day to keep it that way! Whether you are dealing with cleaning travertine floors, carpet, hard wood, or linoleum you can never seem to get it done fast enough. Even though no one loves getting on their hands and knees for cleaning tile and grout hopefully we can provide some tips to make that easier on you. Here are just a few:

1. Carpet – Did you know that carpet takes up over half (51%) of the total United States flooring market? If you have carpet in your home that number probably makes you think about how many vacuums it would take to keep all of that clean! A good rule of thumb is that carpet should receive a deep cleaning every 12-18 months if it is in a room where it gets normal wear and tear. Carpet deep cleaning is more than just scrubbing certain spots and vacuuming – you will want to either rent a carpet shampooer and steamer or hire a professional to come on an annual basis.

2. Tile When it comes to the best way to clean tile floors, you want to remember to keep it regular. That is because tiles can last for decades if it is regularly maintained and cleaned. Talk about a great investment! With tile, comes grout, and most of us know that grout cleaning can sometimes be the biggest pain. Here’s a tip for cleaning travertine floors and their pesky grout: stay away from harsh chemicals when you clean your grout and instead use a mixture of one-third white vinegar to two-thirds water. If you can’t see yourself using this method just save yourself the work and call in a professional. If you are in the midst of a bathroom remodel you may want to look into installing large tiles; the larger the tile, the fewer the grout joints!

3. Hard Wood – Studies have shown that 90% of homeowners prefer tile or hardwood flooring in their kitchen. Usually this is because those surfaces are much easier to clean than carpet. Vacuuming or using a dusting product specifically designed to to pick up dirt, pet hair, dust, etc. is a good everyday cleaning method for hard wood floors. However, if you are looking for a deeper clean for your hard wood floors you should locate a wood specific cleaner and dilute it according to the directions on the bottle making sure to avoid any standing water on your wood floors for too long.

No matter if you are just looking for methods of cleaning travertine floors, or are contemplating a tile floor restoration and want to understand how to effective clean grout and tile we are hear to help. Using just a few of these cleaning methods each week will save you time in the long run. If all else fails, give the experts a call. That’s what we are here for!

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