Colorado Flooding Pick Up The Pieces After Devastating Floods

Hardscape erosion

Denver and Greeley residents are contending with the aftermath of devastating floods. “Soaring temperatures and recent rains have hastened the run-off from Colorado’s melting snowpack, causing widespread flooding concerns across the Rocky Mountain state,” The Huffington Post reports. “The National Weather Service has issued flood warnings or advisories for more than a dozen counties, ranging from engorged mountain streams to downstream rivers and tributaries on the high plains of eastern Colorado.”

Colorado Homes Sustain Major Damage

Eleven homes and at least 12 businesses have sustained severe water damage from the recent flooding. Drivers on almost all roads have been delayed by the flooding, with some roads completely blocked and impassable. In some areas, water levels have risen to almost 10 feet high. County officials warn residents to avoid water sources and be aware of run-off, which can be equally as dangerous. In late May, two Colorado residents drowned in rushing waters, also owing to flooding.

How To Prevent Future Tragedies

With some careful interior basement waterproofing, exterior basement waterproofing, and water damage restoration, Colorado homeowners can repair their homes and prevent future flooding. Some businesses are already using water redistribution techniques. “In an effort to make sure their shop and gear weren’t ruined by the water, Bucklen Brothers used some of its equipment to route a new path for the flood water to prevent it from reaching them,” 9News reveals. After some necessary do it yourself fixes (e.g. thoroughly clean all gutters and make sure drainage systems route water downhill and away from your home), you may want to consider bringing in a professional to seal leaks and ensure that flood waters cannot permeate through your home’s foundation.

Water damage can leave your home — or business — in disarray for months. Make sure all drainage systems in or around your home are working properly, and call in professionals to seal your home and prevent future damages. Find more.

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