Decking Materials for Your New Deck

Composite wood decking

Decking materials can give you numerous decking options and what type of deck to build. The United States deck and patio construction industry brings in around $31 billion in revenue each year. By adding a deck to your home, you can increase the value and make it more likely to sell on the housing market. Outdoor additions are much cheaper than indoor additions due to lower labor costs and efforts.

Having clear deck plans
and knowing your decking materials will make it much easier when your deck is built. You can choose from different types of decks or have a designer design your deck from scratch. Decks can come in a variety of styles and materials which gives the homeowner a wide array of options to choose from. The deck and patio industry employs an estimated 129 thousand people in the United States. In the U.S. there are an estimated 29 thousand deck and patio construction companies.

Decking materials such as composite decking are low maintenance and only require routine cleaning every now and then. By adding a deck to your home provides extra space for entertaining, a clean space, spending time outdoors, and being elevated from the ground. Adding a deck with the right decking materials can provide an estimated 72% return on investment according to research.


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