DIY Fall Projects Every Homeowner Needs to Do

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The return of pumpkin drinks, changing leaves and football mean one thing: fall has finally arrived. Fall brings with it a number of our favorite traditions, but it also means it’s time to prepare for the upcoming winter before the cold and snow arrive. Winterizing a home and yard is important for keeping things in good shape and avoiding expensive repairs down the road. Luckily, most fall projects can be done by homeowners themselves at little or no cost! What needs to be done over the next month or so?

  1. Don’t Leave Leaves Behind – One of the best parts of fall is watching the leaves change from green to beautiful red, yellow and orange hues. As pretty as they are on trees, they can be a real pain once they fall to the ground. Leaves that are left on the lawn throughout the fall an winter can kill grass, so it is a good idea to clear them out of the yard. For those who want a good workout, raking leaves onto a tarp and taking them out to the curb is the way to go. Homeowners who don’t have the time or energy for this should try a leaf blower for a quicker and easier solution.
  2. Clear Out the Gutters – The lawn isn’t the only place that leaves gather. Gutters collect leaves and other debris, as well, that cause big problems when snow begins to fall. A clogged gutter won’t clear water properly as snow melts, causing water damage all around the house. Homeowners can either scoop gutter debris out with their hands or a small shovel, or get a power washer specific for gutters to blast dirt and leaves out.
  3. Stop Basement Leaks – Making sure a home’s foundation is prepared to stop basement leaks is an important fall project. When snow that has accumulated around a home’s foundation begins to melt, it can seep into the basement and cause major water damage. Homeowners should check basement windows and walls, as well as the foundation, for cracks and seal any that are found. Basement window well covers are a great way to keep snow from building up around the foundation. It is also a good idea to test the basement sump pump by unplugging and replugging it to make sure it gets rid of any water that happens to find its way in.

Fall is the time for homeowners to take care of home projects in preparation for the winter. Rake up the leaves, clear out the gutters and stop basement leaks before the first snowfall to ensure a happy and healthy home and yard come spring. Find more.

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