Do You Love the Look of a Ceramic Tile Floor and Surface?

Benefits of hardwood installation

What do you remember most about the latest model homes that you have visited? It is unlikely that you remember the square footage, the heating and cooling energy statistics, or the dimensions of the third car space in the garage. It is likely, however, that what you remember most after visiting a number of new model homes are the materials that created the greatest visual impact. Ceramic tile and other flooring options can be utilitarian if needed, and yet create a visual image that stays with you long after you leave a home.
Floor covering choices are nearly infinite when you prepare to build or redecorate your home. Of all of the available carpet and flooring options, however, ceramic tile is a popular choice that has lasted for decades. In addition to selecting tile floor patterns that compliment the rest of your home, ceramic tile can also be used in a variety of other creative ways throughout your home:

  • as a headboard behind a bed
  • hexagonal tile design atop the wooden floor like a carpet
  • easy to clean coffee table surface
  • floor to ceiling fireplace mantelpiece
  • tiled seating area on a built in stucco bench
  • shelving niche behind a kitchen or basement bar sink
  • tiled bathroom floor that seamlessly integrates with an adjoining wood floor indicating the transition from the wet bathroom area to dry floor space
  • outdoor patio bench and wall
  • flooring for an outdoor patio seating area

In addition to the decorator colors and styles of tile, hardwood flooring is another very popular option. In fact, while tile covers 23% of floors in Houzz survey participants’ homes, 47% of those surveyed favor wood flooring in their home. Hardwood flooring is a beautiful option that can be used throughout a home. Eating and sitting areas can also include area rugs on top of wood floors to visually anchor a grouping of furniture.
National Association of Realtors data indicates that 54% of home buyers are willing to pay more for a home with hardwood flooring. These surfaces can be sealed and are easy to maintain and clean. The newest wood floors are available in a variety of textures and patterns to meet a diverse range of decorating needs.
Whether you are deciding to build a new house, or redecorate or remodel your current home, flooring decisions are important. They can often add to the resale value of your home, as well as add a lasting visual impact. In most cases, both hardwood flooring and ceramic tile flooring are the most popular consumer options.


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