Do You Need Air Conditioning Installation in Norfolk?

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Can you guess which furnace company uses the motto “It’s hard to stop a Trane”? Yep, you got it. Trane uses this for their motto and it is obviously a play on words. Someone came up with it for their advertising slogan. Even if it may be hard to stop a “Trane” you know that nothing lasts forever, not even a Trane. All heating and air conditioning systems need to have repairs done on them from time to time.

People want to have warm homes in the winter and cool homes in the summer. In fact, civilized societies have been trying to control the temperature in their homes for thousands of years. You would be amazed at some of the feats people try to pull off trying to cool their homes. Take the case of the Roman Emperor Elagbalus, who lived back in the third century for instance. On one day during the summer of that year, it was particularly hot. The Emperor decided to send 1,000 slaves up to the mountain of Rome to bring back snow for his garden.

The first window air conditioners began showing up in some homes back in 1932. It was decades before these window units were affordable enough for the average homeowner. Almost one half of the money people spend on their home’s energy bill goes for heating and air. Now that we are all used to heating and air systems, no one would dream of going without. When the power goes out, people scramble to hook up generators to keep their heating and air units going. Some generators are very expensive, but the day before a forecasted hurricane is to hit an area, people will run out and spend the money on one. No one wants to be without power, heat and air conditioning.

This is why central air installation Norfolk is so important too. Each year countless numbers of citizens call for central air installation norfolk. Generac generators Virginia go on sale during the hurricane season and heating repair calls are received during the winter in Norfolk every day. Companies that provide services for central air installation Norfolk also provide services for air condition repair Norfolk. If you live in the Virginia Beach area you can easily find air condition repair Virginia Beach too. People also need services for central air installation virginia beach as well. It is important to locate the best heating and air service companies before the hot weather hits. Have your air conditioning system serviced each year to keep in running and in good working order during the hot summer months. Residents can find reliable central air installation Norfolk by searching in the online directories. Helpful sites:

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