Does Your Roof Need A Face-lift?

Leaky roofs

We feel our age a little more every day. We generally take action to take care of ourselves better as a result. We eat better, we exercise daily, we check in with our doctors more and so on and so forth. A roof is the same way. Much like our bodies, they are meant to keep us safe. And much like our bodies, after sun, rain, or hail damage to the roof, repairs and other wear and tear, they need a little more care than a brand new roof. Every extra year that you can squeeze out of your current roof is money that can be saved for other purposes and if all else fails a new roof can yield a return on investment of up to seventy-five percent.

A roof doesn’t need good food or proper exercise like we do; it just needs regular roof inspections and prompt repairs if necessary.

Some warning signs of a failing roof include:

  • Cracked caulk or rust spots on flashing
  • Shingles that are buckling
  • Curling or roof blistering
  • Worn areas around chimneys, pipes, and skylights
  • Most experts agree that a typical roof will last between twenty and twenty-five years and studies have shown that a roof that is not regularly maintained will last about half of its expected service life. Even if you have a warranty on your roof, Insurance may not cover problems that stem from a worn-out roof or lack of maintenance. Almost all manufacturers specifically state that the warranty is void if a roof is not properly maintained and taken care of. If something does happen, and you haven’t properly maintained your roof, you won’t have a case to claim on a warranty issue.

    If you’re wondering how often to inspect your roof, a roof needs to be inspected a least twice a year to keep the roof alive as long a possible and maintain a warranty. However, many of them do not know what to look for, so they hire someone who does. A hired professional will know how to inspect your roof and that you’re going to want to do the inspection once before the season with the most severe weather to make sure it’s properly prepared and once after that season to repair any potential problems that happened during. For instance is you live somewhere with excessive hail in winder, you’re going to have to prepare for hail damage to the roof before and tend to hail damage to the roof after. They will also know how to patch a roof

    Roofs may not age exactly like we do, but they do require upkeep and care to keep them healthy. It’s important to keep roof maintenance a priority so your roof can keep you and your family safely sheltered for as long as possible without weighing down your wallet.


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