Epoxy Lining Will Soon Be Mainstream

Sectional lining

Epoxy Pipe Lining Will Revolutionize the Industry
Trenchless CIPP, or cured in place pipe, is set to revolutionize the septic tank industry. While it is still relatively unknown to consumers, more and more in the field are looking for a good CIPP manufacturer and supplier. By taking the time to find an epoxy lining company you can build a good working relationship with, you will be better able to serve your customer base and promote the growth of your business.

While finding a company you can trust is the first priority, immediately following that is letting home owners know why they should entrust the removal of waste from their home to an epoxy lining, rather than install brand new traditional pipes. Of course you will want to explain how the process works and the science behind why it is so effective, but that is more of a conceptual idea and may be more difficult for consumers to truly appreciate. What home owners can immediately appreciate, is how it will impact the look and feel of their home.

Why Customers Fall in Love with Epoxy Lining
The epoxy lining cost is not what makes someone fall in love with epoxy lining either. It does cost more initially for the installation, but that is the only thing customers don?t like once the process and benefits have been fully explained. Epoxy lining may appear to cost more up front, but that is only before other factors are added to the total. Removing the soil to replace or repair a traditional septic system is expensive. Replacing the sod to recreate the backyard landscape that was in place prior to the rehabilitation is even more experience. This is especially true for those homes with extensive landscaping. Considering the fact that many experts predict a septic system may last for as long as 40 years, most home owners haven?t thought about the fact that the landscaping they?ve spent years perfecting would be demolished as soon as a septic repair or replacement was needed.

Nearly 80 percent of people polled on Angie?s List said they weren?t even aware ?no dig? sewer technology was an option. Just over 70% of the people polled said they would pay more for any septic repair or replacement if it meant their landscaping and other outdoor features such as a patio or deck wouldn?t be affected. This is the prime selling point for epoxy lining and should be one of the main things you focus on when detailing the process.

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