Filter Your Water the Right Way

Pentek dgd 5005 filter

There 50 billion bottles of water consumed in the U.S. each year; 200 billion bottles are consumed worldwide. The popularity of bottled water is due to the fact that bottled water is believed to be more pure than tap water; it often lacks lead, copper, and other contaminants found in tap water. Unfortunately, there is still a risk for contaminants in bottled water. In fact, in one study that compared bottled water samples to tap samples, most of the samples still exceeded the contaminant level set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. This fact contributes toward the popularity of home or commercial water filtration, such as Pentek filtration systems.

In developed nations, drinking water is usually free of disease carrying bacteria. Even so, it is beneficial to add another layer of filtration before human consumption. As such, Pentek filtration, Pentek DGD 5005 filter, and Pentek water filter cartridges can purify your water one step further with non chemical filtration treatments.

Filtered water via Pentek filtration systems aim to eliminate all of the potential contaminants in drinking water, including arsenic, e coli, cryptosporidia, chlorine, and lead. These are only several of the more than 80 contaminants that the EPA regulates. There are many types of Pentek filtration systems to accommodate your home or family needs. There are Pentek filtration systems that purify your entire home with carbon or sediment filters, and can be incorporated into a whole house water filter system, or point of use filtration systems, which reside under the sink or faucet. In addition to purifying drinking water, a Pentek filtration system can balance pH levels that counteract the potential for rust and hard water stains.
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