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The comfort, serenity, safety, peace, and protection of your home are very important to maintain. This article is being written provide information about fire protection products and services that are available on the market, in efforts to reduce the chances and risk of a fire occurring in your home. Did you know that fires can double in their size and area coverage in just 10 seconds? A fire can spread incredibly fast, resulting in substantial damage and danger.

If you currently have fire protection equipment installed in your home, it is suggested that you read, review, and familiarize yourself with the fire protection handbook, instructions, and guidelines that came with your fire protection products. If you have not given much or any thought into whether or not you need for fire protection products, perhaps reading this article will influence you into installing some or all of the following fire protection products in your home or office:

• an automatic fire suppression system
• fire alarm system monitoring
a fire sprinkler system

There are a few different types of fire extinguishers on the market, all of which are used to treat specific types of fires. The “A” extinguisher is generally for ordinary, every day combustibles. It is crafted and designed to fight basic fires fueled by cloth, paper, rubber, wood, and many plastics. The “B” extinguisher is designed to face fires that have been caused by flammable liquids such as oils, gasoline fuels, some paints, cleaning supplies, and kitchen greases. The “D” extinguisher is particularly used in particular industrialized settings. It is built to fight fires fueled by combustible metals such as sodium and magnesium. The “K” fire extinguisher is intended to be used on fires that involve animal oils, vegetable oils, or fats from cooking appliances. These types of fire extinguishers are typically found in commercial kitchens, such as the ones found in restaurants, cafeteria buildings, and catering service locations.

The neck of a fire extinguisher will weaken over time which will allow compressed gas to escape, so it is important check and monitor the condition of your fire extinguisher. Also, keep in mind that you should shake dry chemical extinguishers once every month to prevent the powder inside from settling, packing, and coagulating. As for pressurized water, wet chemical and carbon dioxide extinguishers, they should be tested and recharged every 5 years.

Fire sprinkler systems are designed to detect, control, raise alert and suppress threats from any and all unwanted fires. When sprinklers that have been properly maintained are present, the probability of an person dying from a fire is reduced by 50-75%, and the average property damage loss per fire is cut by 1/3 to 2/3 (34-68%), compared to the occurrence of fires where protection sprinklers are not installed.

Fire safety practices and procedures are recommended to be followed and acknowledged by everyone. The severity and potential danger that some fires could lead to result in drastic damages, the loss of personal belongings and property, or even fatality, so having the awareness of safety precautions and purchasing fire protection products is the wisest thing to do to be prepared.
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