Five Easy Reasons Why Chimney Flue Liners Are a Worthy Investment for Your Home

How often should a chimney be cleaned

Chimney flue liners – no home should be without one. Maintaining a home is a large job, but it doesn’t have to be a stressful one. Many homeowners, new and experienced, are looking for ways to cut down on effort and expenditures without having to sacrifice quality. Chimney flue liners provide an easy, affordable solution for homeowners in terns of efficiency, safety, and overall value.

Going over the facts, it’s easy to see why chimney flue liners are such an essential investment for any home:

1. Chimney liners, chimney caps, chimney covers and other related accessories help to improve your home’s energy efficiency, enabling you to live greener and do your part for the environment without spending lots of money or sacrificing on quality.

2. Chimney fires are often caused by dirty buildup in chimneys, which present a hazard to people and their homes. Almost 15,000 home fires are estimated to be caused by creosote (wood burning residue). Chimney flue liners can prevent this buildup and allow for easier chimney cleanup.

3. When it comes to chimney breakdown, the number one cause is acidic moisture that is a byproduct of condensed flue cases. Chimney flue liners help reduce how often you should have your chimney cleaned. Chimney kits are also helpful for cleaning chimneys in combination with chimney flue liners.

4. If you’re looking for an affordable alternative to traditional chimney flue liners, stainless steel chimney liners are a good fit. In fact, UL listed stainless steel liners are not only one of the most popular ways to re-line a chimney – they’re also one of the most efficient and effective ways as well.

5. Chimney flue liners ensure the value of your home property. The National Association of Realtors states that the presence of a fireplace in a home will increase its value up to $12,000. Keeping a chimney in good shape doesn’t just make safety sense – it also saves you money on your home investments.

Cleaning a chimney shouldn’t have to be a hassle. If you’ve discovered the benefits of a chimney flue liner, then you know that it’s not just a time saver; it’s a money and energy saver, too.

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