Five Ways to Be a Good Landlord

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Most rental property owners have clear goals for their properties, such as a low turnover rate and a small number of vacancies. To accomplish these goals, you might put in work yourself or hire rental property management services to help make sure you meet certain standards. However, if you want to succeed, you can’t just treat your property like a business: instead, you have to work to become a good landlord who works to ensure the well-being of their tenants, or hire rental property managers who are dedicated to this cause. This means combining work and business sense with a respect for your property and the people who live in it. Read on to learn how you or your rental property managers should incorporate these behaviors to become the best landlords possible.

Start Off On the Right Foot
If you have an opening, make sure you or someone from your rental management service walks through to check the quality of the unit. Does it need any repairs or maintenance work? Has it been recently cleaned? How does it compare to other properties in the area? By ensuring that the unit is in good shape, you can be sure that it will appeal to renters, making your search faster and easier.

Educate Your Tenants
When you find someone to fill the vacancy, make sure you or someone from your property management company explains the expectations they should adhere to. This will help prevent a number of headaches in the future. After you do this, explain what you and your rental property managers can promise to do for them. By giving them a sense of what to expect and following through on these promises, you can increase your tenant’s sense of satisfaction and improve the chances of a long-term residency.

Stay On Top of Maintenance and Repairs
This is where having rental property managers comes in handy. By making sure the grass is cut, sidewalks are shoveled and that troubling leak is fixed, you are sure to please your tenants and create a good reputation for your properties, increasing your profits.

Starting within the first month they move in, check in with your tenants regularly to make sure they are happy with the property. This is a good way to prevent sudden vacancies or arguments, and also a great way to detect small, fixable problems before they turn into much bigger, expensive issues. Don’t forget to stay in touch with your rental property managers as well: by taking a regular interest in your property, your rental property management service will have the information and encouragement necessary to conduct things the way you prefer.

Have Protocols In Place to Encourage Good Behavior
The average tenant is a responsible person at heart. Encourage this quality through set procedures: for example, make sure to immediately send a notice when the rent is late, complete with a required deadline and late payment. You don’t have to be harsh or rude; this simply reminds your tenants that they are expected to pay on time, and that there is a good reason to meet this expectation.

While being a good landlord, or having good property rental property managers around, may seem primarily beneficial to your tenants, it is just as profitable for you. By creating and maintaining a great place to live, you are sure to attract good tenants and avoid vacancies, improving your profits. Having trouble giving your property the attention it needs, especially with your other responsibilities? Consider hiring a rental property management company to help!

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