Floor Wars Is Hardwood or Carpet the Better Option?

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When selecting flooring for a home or commercial space, the major battle is always between hardwood flooring and carpeting. Both flooring types have their advantages and disadvantages, but which one is right for you? The U.S. flooring industry grew by an estimated 1.1 percent, every year, from 2009 to 2014, so you’re obviously not the only one trying to make this decision. We’ll present the positives and negatives of each type of flooring, and you can decide for yourself.



  • Hardwood is classic, and will never go out of style.
  • Prefinished hardwood floors increase the value of your home. Home buyers are willing to spend thousands more on a home with hardwood flooring.
  • Damaged wood can be sanded and refinished, instead of just being replaced.
  • Wood doesn’t collect and trap as much dust and allergens as carpeting. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, indoor air quality is better in a building with wood floors, than carpet or other materials.


  • Prefinished hardwood floors can be slippery.
  • Hardwood can be tough on the feet and knees over time.
  • Wood floors expand with high humidity, and if not installed correctly, can buckle.
  • Wood floors can fade, splinter, dent, or break, and are highly sensitive to leaks.



  • Carpet delivers comfort underfoot, easing stress on your body.
  • Carpet cushions slips, falls, and noise.
  • Carpet naturally insulates, providing additional warmth in the cooler weather.
  • Carpeting is easier and faster to install, and floor installation cost is cheaper, than hardwood flooring.


  • Carpet can be very trendy, and styles change often.
  • Carpet is often difficult to clean, trapping stains and odors
  • Carpet usually has loops that can be pulled, causing damage to the carpet and creating an eyesore.
  • Carpet needs to be matched or coordinated with its surroundings.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a floor covering, if you’ve chosen to replace floors, but flooring companies will be happy to discuss your options with you. Whether it’s prefinished hardwood floors, or wall-to-wall carpeting: oftentimes, the decision comes down to nothing more than personal preference. So take a look at your options and different flooring designs, and decide what you like best. More like this.

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