Florida Where Luxury Home Dreams Come True

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When you imagine your dream home, what do you think of? For some dreamers, it means a bright, luxurious expansive home, decorated with the highest quality furnishings, settled on a secluded cove on the shore of a beach. For others it means a high rise, contemporary-chic condo in the middle of a metropolitan hub. But some people want the best of both worlds. If you prefer the former image and love the coastal life, but want the convenience and charm of a modern condo, you might find the luxury dream homes you want in Florida.

Florida is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the country. It attracts millions of visitors, and several new residents every year. Many people travel to high profile cities, such as Orlando, Miami, or Fort Lauderdale to look into purchasing beach homes for sale, high rise luxury condos, and other new luxury homes to become their new residence. Other cities, such as Naples and Bonita Springs, also attract new settlers. Naples offers a high quality arts and entertainment scene, and was named the best Small Art Town in America because of its focus on cultural and artistic development. More than 9,000 homes were sold in Naples in 2013. Bonita Spring has also seen about a 38% increase in population since 2000.

In many of these cities, finding luxury dream homes that combine simple modern living with waterfront charm is not hard, because the ocean is nearby. You can invest in a beach condo and get the same space and amenities you would get from a home, without the higher price tag. This can be convenient, because most of the upkeep of the exterior is taken care of by the condo complex. Also, there is a certain level of accountability expected of all condo owners since they all follow community rules and guidelines. But, you can also find large or small luxury homes that offer even more space, and are designed with a modern touch. You can find these homes right on the beach, or set inside the city.

The best part of buying a home in Florida is that you will be able to enjoy the year-round warm climate, regardless of where you choose to live. Whether you pick from high rise luxury condos or a huge contemporary designer home, you can make your coastal living dreams come true. Find out more here.

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