Four Easy Cleaning Tips for Your Home’s Terrazzo Surfaces

Floor terrazzo

Marble is a prized material that makes any kitchen counter or interior floor look luxurious and classic. It’s also pretty costly and easily damaged, which is why many people are choosing terrazzo floors or terrazzo countertops as an equally beautiful, easy to maintain and cost-effective option.

If you have newly-installed terrazzo floors or countertops, it’s understandable that you’d want them to stay in perfect condition for as long as possible. Here are the top four cleaning tips to keep the terrazzo floors or countertops in your house looking as good as new:

1. Don’t neglect it: One of the worst mistakes many homeowners make with their terrazzo floors or counters is to never clean them at all. Terrazzo requires light maintenance, but that doesn’t mean you should never clean it — dust, soil and sand are abrasive and can wear down your terrazzo floors if they aren’t cleaned up.

2. A little bit goes a long way: In most cases, all you need to keep your terrazzo looking great is a dust mop or a cloth soaked in warm water. Regularly sweeping your terrazzo floors will also help keep it in top shape.

3. Watch what cleaners you use: When cleaning your terrazzo floors or countertops, it’s essential that you only use pH-neutral cleaners that are neither acid nor alkaline. Any other cleaner can harm your terrazzo and diminish its natural beauty. There are a few commercial cleaning fluids that are made specifically for terrazzo — these are fine as well.

4. Be quick about spills: Terrazzo is generally non-absorbent, meaning liquids won’t seep in to the cement or marble chips if the terrazzo has been sealed with an epoxy or other sealing material. However, if your terrazzo floors or counters haven’t been sealed, make sure to wipe up any spills as soon as they occur to prevent stains or damage. Read this for more:


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