Four Reasons Why Your Home Might Need a Siding Replacement

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Your home’s siding is what keeps it looking good and attractive to the rest of your neighborhood — and while examining your siding for signs of disrepair is likely last on your list of things to do, it’s more important than you may think.

That’s because deteriorating or aging house siding just doesn’t look bad. It can let in moisture and cause a multitude of other problems for both the interior and exterior of your home. In fact, it can even lead to a 10% reduction in your home’s property value, which is why it’s crucial to never ignore the need for a siding replacement or repair!

Not sure if you should be seeking our siding contractors to replace your home’s siding yet? These are the four biggest indicators that your house needs a siding replacement or siding repair:

You frequently need to re-paint your house

When a home’s siding is in ideal condition, a coat of paint should be lasting at least eight to 10 years — at least! If you’re noticing that the paint on your home is less than six years old and is beginning to crack, chip off or peel, this is a clear indicator that your home needs new siding.

Your energy bills keep rising

If you’re noticing that your monthly heating and cooling bills get more expensive each month, it could be because your home’s siding isn’t doing its job of insulating your home and keeping its temperature stable. If so, it’s time to look into a siding replacement.

Signs of mold and mildew

If you’re noticing mold and mildew growing underneath the boards of your home’s siding, there could be some serious water seepage going on that’s letting moisture into your home. When mold is a huge health hazard to people and animals, you can’t afford to let this mold continue to grow in your home. Luckily, you might not necessarily need a complete replacement of your siding in this situation.

Loose boards

Each year, storms and severe weather take their toll on your home’s exterior — and eventually, the boards of your house’s siding can be loosened. When examining your siding, test the boards to see if there are large areas where boards are loose or cracking.

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