From Cave Walls to Metal Roofs

Commercial roofing company

It is something that we perhaps sometimes take for granted, but as one of the basic necessities in life, a roof overhead is something worth spending time and money on maintaining to the highest standard. We have come a long way as a species from finding the best cave for shelter. In fact there are so many options now that homeowners may find it difficult to decide on which roof is the right fit for their home, and businesses have an array of commercial roofing contractors from which to choose. So whether the project at hand is topping off a new home, deciding between commercial roofing contractors to re-roof a business building, or anything in between, it is important to be as well-informed as possible before making a final decision.

What to consider for your new roof

A good commercial roofing company will fill you in on all the different options available to you, the pros and cons of each type of roofing, and what the best choice would be for your building. But whether you are getting your information from commercial roofing contractors or elsewhere, it could be a good idea to fact check and get second opinions, just to be sure the company is being straight with you about what is actually best for you, and not just what would be best for their pockets. For example, metal roofing like stainless steel, zinc and copper — which are among the most expensive types of metal used –can cost as much as 30% less than slate or tile roofing at their cheapest. And on top of that, choosing metal for your roof can save up to 25% on your energy bill for the year. That being said, there is much more to consider than just the price tag.

Impact beyond the financial aspect
There are some types of steel roofing that have a coating of an aluminum-zinc alloy, which can give the roof an extended lifespan, even up to 100 years. Typically a metal roof can last anywhere from three to seven times longer than the average roof made of asphalt shingles. Perhaps most importantly, new roofs made of metal can be made up of 30% to 60% of recycled material. And after the many years of serving as protection for the house or building below, the metal roofing is completely recyclable. Another factor that is almost as important as the environmental impact is the variety of color choices among metal roofing. There are about 15 to 20 basic colors available in asphalt shingle roofing, compared to the metal roof hue options, which number over 100. That’s a lot of options from which to choose, so finding the style that suits your home or company should not be an issue.

A roof overhead is a crucial aspect of a building and basic human necessities. Making the right decision when choosing this shelter requires careful consideration.

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