Good Landscaping It’s Not Just About the Neighbors

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Whether it involves weeding your garden every month or investing in top landscape equipment, maintaining the yard of your home or other property is crucial, and not for the reason you think.

Why is a Well-Maintained Lawn Important?

Mowing the grass, pulling weeds and edging the driveway isn’t just about looking good in front of your neighbors (though it can help with that too). A properly landscaped yard can help you maintain privacy and even reduce unwanted noise, as well as increase curb appeal. In communities with Homeowners Associations, it can protect you from board scrutiny and possible fees.

It can also have a major impact on resale value. A well-maintained and landscaped property can increase property value by as much as 12% and resale value as much as 14%, and almost 90% of realtors advise their clients to do landscaping work during the sale process to increase home appearance and value.

Good landscaping can also reduce the time a property spends in the US real estate market by up to six weeks.

How can You Landscape Your Lawn?

Using cheap lawn mowers or walk behind lawn mowers may be enough for smaller residential properties. You can also spruce things up by planting a few simple flowers, cleaning any sidewalks, and resealing your driveway. Make sure weeds and plants are cut back from fences and any pavement is neatly edged. You can even bring in a landscaping expert if you need help with some decorative touches.

But large lawns or commercial properties may require top landscape equipment. Checking out riding lawn mowers for sale or rent is often the way to go. Riding mowers are effective and easy to drive, cutting down on the manual labor of pushing a mower across a large lawn.

If you don’t want to invest in top landscape equipment, you can check out alternative methods. There’s actually a landscaping company in the western US that uses herds of goats to cut down on plant overgrowth for larger properties.
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