Got Clean Water? What Could be Lurking in Your Faucet

Office water cooler system

Water is everywhere you look. It’s up in the clouds, it makes up about 70% of your body, and about 70% of the whole planet. But what about your drinking water? Water flows into your home every day to be used in your toilets, showers, and in your faucets. It goes through numerous treatment plants before coming into your home, but how can you really be sure that the water you’re putting into your body is clean?

Water softeners may be the solution for getting cleaner, less harsh water in your home. The average household uses approximately 350 gallons of water every day. If all of that water is filled with harsh minerals, what’s keeping it from being harsh on your body? If you’re drinking enough water to stay hydrated, you should be drinking two to three liters every day. Three liters of harsh water in your system can’t be good! Although you do need some minerals to keep your body nourished, there are more than anyone needs in harsh water.

Water softeners are a great way to ensure clean water flowing into your home, but there are more ways to ensure that you’re using your water to the fullest. Even though the world is made up of about 70% water, less than 1% is actually available for human use. That’s why conservation is such a huge deal when it comes to water. In an average home, 350 gallons of water are used every day. When you think about it, that’s really a lot of water! Cutting down on water usage can be as simple as installing water-efficient fixtures and appliances in your home. On average, these kinds of fixtures result in 30% less water usage in homes. Another creative solution could be installing a water cooler or a water dispenser in your home. This way, people can take what they need and not run the tap for an extra 30 seconds until the water is cold.

Keeping your water clean and avoiding water waste is as easy as staying hydrated. You put clean food into your body and practice portion control when eating so why not try to do the same with your water? Water softeners and efficient appliances in your home can help you do all of the above. Stay hydrated, don’t waste water, and keep your home clean and efficient!

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