Homes of the Future

Future houses

As societies have moved away from being agriculturally based to more industrialized, where we live has changed, too. Urban areas and urban sprawl (which is the development of former farming lands) have led to suburban growth that houses more than half of the American population today. In addition to where we live, this growth has changed the future of housing trends.

Cape Cods, Dutch Colonials, and Gothic architecture, for example, have morphed throughout the years into more modern split levels, neoclassical, and neomediterranean styles of houses. Today, reurbanization and future houses design enable homeowners to design your future house with customizable, modular options. These future housing trends are not to be mistaken with modular mobile homes of yore. Instead, these future housing trends can be made to suit and come in an array of concepts and designs such as capes, chalets, or colonials. Basically, future housing trends have the adaptability and flexibility to meet any client preference, without looking like an out of the box mobile modular home.

The technology of the future will change the way we live, too. But not only do future housing trends include state of the art future house technology (such as refrigerators that tell you what is inside or wall mounted air purification systems) but future housing trends also encompass concepts that make any place habitable. Future housing trends are homes made of materials like concrete and steel that are sustainable, green, and resistant to natural disasters as opposed to wood and vinyl siding, and can be built with regard to the topography on which it stands. In fact, a key tenet of future housing trends aims to maximize space while enabling the home dweller with an openness and unobstructed view of the terrain on which it is built. As such, there are approximately 6,000 homes in America that are earth sheltered homes fully equipped with energy conservation (solar panels and solar windows) and smart home technology.

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