How Are Christopher Radko Ornaments Made? – Discovery Videos

You can now look at different decorations.

It’s quite amazing to learn that each object is hand-crafted with a method that also dates all the way to the Renaissance era. Artistic and crafty people spent a lot of time into carving and molding. They have actually come up with glass-blowing and silvering actions with the utmost dedication and love.

As each detail of Christopher Radko’s designs is completed, the process remains the same. The entire process can take some time and requires an unmatched ability. With that, the magical family heirlooms created by Christopher Radko undoubtedly brought happiness and joy into the homes, which creates long-lasting traditions throughout the years.

Why are Christopher Radko ornaments so special?

Ornaments made by Christopher Radko were crafted in Italy, Poland, and Germany through teams made up of craftsmen and artists. Each ornament made of glass would take weeks of craftsmanship when it came to completing the work. Actually, there were nearly 3000 persons working on creating ornaments every year.

There is something for every collection of Christopher Radko ornaments. There are beautiful glass-blown ornaments for every occasion like baby and bridal along with candy and Halloween ornaments. Radko also offers Designer’s Choice categories for each season.

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