How Does Metal Recycling Work? – Source and Resource

A scrapyard manager Dd provides an overview of recycling metal. Metal items, from cars to aluminum containers, undergo several processes before being recycled into new products. The metal objects are separated for transportation. Then, they’re all broken down in an abaier before being sent into another plant for melting.

Stephen Cudd has different processes to recycle all materials, including metal. It is possible to use different processes for different types of metals. The wires are removed from the insulation at the first phase. Cars, on the other hand will be crushed before being sent on to be a bailer.

Stephen Cudd tries as best he can to recycle everything that ends up in his scrap yard and prevent the scrap from going to the garbage dumps. Cudd appreciates spreading awareness about the business of recycling metal. Cudd even wrote the book “The Adventures of Soda Can Steve.” He hopes that the book will inspire younger generations in making a difference. 2e27bkeo96.

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