How Much Does it Cost to Renovate a Commercial Building? – Small Business Tips

and total roof replacement can cost thousands of dollars. To learn more about your options, contact the roofing business.
Lobby renovations

Your lobby is the area where visitors first see your building at the moment they arrive. If you have a dated or unattractive lobby, then it’s appropriate to remodel it. If you are deciding how much the cost of renovating commercial properties, take into consideration the space of your lobby and the things that need to be renovated. Like, for instance, will the flooring be needed to be changed? Would you like to paint? Should you replace some of your furniture?

Updating your lobby can give your business a fresh start and make a good impression to prospective clients. Think about updating the signage in your lobby. New flooring can cost around $3 per square foot on average, while painting may only cost you around a couple hundred dollars. Even though replacing furniture is more costly, you may get furniture that is previously used and is less expensive.

Renovation of the Break Room

The break room is a place where employees often have a long time. If your breakroom is worn out or damaged It’s probably needing a revamp. Think about the features you would like to have in your commercial space when deciding how much it’s going to cost to redesign. An ideal break area will boost morale of employees and can make your company attracted to new employees.

Common renovations to break rooms are installing new kitchen appliances and additional counter space. It is also possible to look into adding a coffee station, or even a mini-fridge. The cost of these projects could range from at a few hundred dollars, depending upon how large they’re. For instance, adding an espresso maker could cost you a few hundred dollars and can prove to be far more positive than using an old coffee machine. When planning renovations, don’t ignore your staff.

Bathroom remodeling

The bathrooms of your commercial building ge


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