How Much Time Have You Spent Thinking About That Chair You are Sitting On?

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When was the last time you went to a movie? Research shows that 62% of adults in America go to the movies every year. In fact, adults ages 21 or older are almost 33% more likely to go to the movies than to bars or nightclubs once a month or more. When was the last time you traveled by airplane? On average, more than 8 million people fly somewhere every day. Both the movie theater industry and the airline companies, when you think about it, have something in common. Seating.

How much do you think about the seats you find yourself in throughout the day? Have you cringed when you almost sat in a seriously stained theater seat when you accompanied your small children to their favorite movie? Have you wondered how you will get that dripping fast food taco stain out of the passenger seat of your almost new car? When you think about it, sitting is what we do. We sit at the office; we sit in church; we sit in air planes; and, sometimes, we even get the chance to sit on a crowded city bus. All of these seats are someone’s business, and the mass transit seating solutions industry is in the business of providing the best and most efficient resting spots for our tired bodies.

Mass transit seating solutions are not the first things we think of when we go to the movie theater, but all research in the durability and comfortablility of seats benefit all sorts of venues. Marine fabric suppliers work to develop materials that are water resistant and comfortable at the same time. Aircraft fabric suppliers concern themselves with developing long lasting fabrics that disguise wear. Automotive textile manufacturers concern themselves with easy to maintain and clean fabrics that are available in the latest patterns and colors. All of these commercial fabric manufacturers also have to be concerned with production efficiencies and finding chemicals that protect the fabric, but are also safe for the consumers.

Mass transit seating solutions may at first seem like a business that concerns itself with trying to figure out how many passengers can safely be crammed into an airline, but in reality they are doing much more. They are developing technology that literally touches us everyday as we look for “the best seat in the house.”

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