How to Choose the Perfect Moving Company for Your Move

Residential moving companies

Of the approximately 40 million Americans who move to a new home every year, 17 million of them move to a new home that’s far away from their previous residence. And if you’re one of these millions, you want to be sure your belongings are brought to your new house in the condition they left your old house — and this is where professional moving services come in. Compared to hauling your things across the country on your own, professional moving companies can make your move a breeze.

So how do you know which residential moving companies are the best?

Here are the top four tips to help you choose the right professional movers for you:

1. Experience: The best professional moving services should have ample years of experience with long-distance moves like yours. Many of these home movers will have a detailed record of their experience on their website, along with the destinations they are able to move to and from; if not, feel free to ask them. You want to be sure the people moving your belongings are pros!

2. A license: In addition to experience, you should never pay for moving services if the company isn’t licensed to provide them. If you are moving to a different state, make sure your mover has a Department of Transportation number and is licensed with the federal government to move across state lines. For moves within state borders, requirements for licensing vary — so be sure you know what they are in your state.

3. A free estimate: The best moving companies will offer free, no-commitment-required estimates of how much it should cost for them to move your things. Get a few different estimates, then choose the best one!

4. A good reputation: One of the best ways to find the best moving company in your area is to ask your friends, family and colleagues about companies with which they’ve had a good experience. If no one you know has moved before, there are several websites that offer customer reviews of moving services that aren’t biased or skewed. Do your research, and you’ll reap the benefits by having a great move. For more information, read this website.

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