How to Clean the Saltiest of BMWs – Car Talk Podcast

As you gaze at these vehicles, the thought of them will make you shiver. The smell is more odourous and last for a long time. It’s possible to clean your vehicle. If you plan to clean your vehicle, removing the dirt from its surface is crucial. The video below shows you how to properly detail your BMW and get rid of salt off the surface.

Start by removing all salt from the BMW. Begin with the wheels and front part of the car, working to the back. The exterior should be sprayed following. Then, work your way upwards on the body, starting at the front panels. Then, work your way up to the doors, hoods, windshield, and roof. It is important to paint the insides of each section.

Also, you can use shampoo to make the car’s exterior shine. After that, give the car a final polish with the help of a microfiber towel. Don’t rub the cloth excessively on the car’s paint. The car should rest for an additional hour after finishing.

A car that is well-maintained will enhance its value due to the fact that it’ll appear nice and have a clean appearance. Furthermore, it’ll enjoy a longer lifespan.

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