How to Prepare for a Hurricane

How to prepare your home for a hurricane

Christopher Columbus wrote the first known report of a hurricane in 1495. Unfortunately, hurricanes are still a problem for people throughout the world. If you know how to prepare for hurricanes, your property and most importantly your life, could be saved.

A tropical storm is classified as a hurricane when sustained winds reach 74 miles per hour, though hurricane winds are often faster. Hurricanes can have a wide landing, hitting people separated by hundreds of miles. A hurricane can reach 40,000 to 50,000 feet up into the sky. Hurricane season in the southern United States starts at the end of summer and goes deep into the fall. Approximately five hurricanes strike the U.S. coastline during an average three-year period. Of these, two are major hurricanes over 110 mph.

A hurricane warning is issued when a hurricane is expected to arrive within 24 hours. A hurricane watch is issued when the storm is 24-36 hours away. During that time, you need to get your home and family ready for evacuation. There are several different shutters you can use including accordion, aluminum and Bahama. Accordion Storm Shutters have integrated self-mating vertical slats which allow for installation of any width while the stainless steel roller-carriage system assures effortless opening and closing. Roll down storm shutters are permanently installed and can be used throughout the year, offering you complete storm protection, along with security, sunshade and noise reduction for any window, door or patio/lanai opening.

Shutters are not the only weapon you can use to better prepare for hurricanes. Impact windows and doors can also keep your valuables protected during the toughest part of the storm. If you are looking at storm windows and doors, you can still find ones that are decorative and will protect your property at the same time. There are a variety of hurricane screens including Buckle Strap, I-Beam and Roll-Up. Take these measures and your valuables are more likely to be protected.

Make sure you always know how to prepare for hurricanes. Some simple steps will ensure your family is OK and can return home quicker. Prepare for a hurricane once and every time it will get easier. Visit here for more.

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