How to Prolong the Life of Your Area Rugs With These Three Easy Tips

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One of the biggest concerns people have when it comes to their homes is cleanliness. Of course, one of the dirtiest parts of a home is the floors, which can house dirt, dust, mold, and even viruses. People tend to take good care of their wall to wall carpeting since it can be fairly simple to do, but many people don’t take great care of their area rugs since they don’t always know how, but proper maintenance can also prolong the lifetime of an area rug. Here are three tips for doing it.

Avoid rough handling.
One of the biggest mistakes that people make when caring for their area rugs is improper handling. When moving an area rug, it should always be rolled rather than folded, since folding can cause creases that will never come out of the rug. You should vacuum the rug thoroughly and often (since carpet can accumulate a few pound of dirt per year). Additionally, you should be careful which vacuum you use. You should avoid setting the roller too low, as this could damage the carpet fibers.

Make sure you treat stains and spills carefully.
Spills and stains on any carpet can leave it looking dirty and dingy, but since area rugs are often made of more fragile materials it’s important that you use extreme care when treating them. Most carpet cleaning products are designed for use on synthetic wall to wall carpeting, so if your area rug is made of natural fibers like wool or bamboo make sure you’re using the right cleaners. If you can avoid using them altogether and simply spray the stain with water and blot it up, that would be better.

Hire professional carpet cleaning services.
Experts recommend getting carpets professionally cleaned once every 12 to 18 months even if you regularly maintain your carpets by treating stains and vacuuming regularly. Hiring local carpet cleaners who have the right equipment and know how is essential, since the wrong cleaning treatment, over saturation, and insufficient drying can damage a carpet irreparably.

Do you have any tips for caring for an area rug or finding local carpet cleaners? Let us know in the comments. Check out this site for more.

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