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The product or tech is far more important than the system that is supporting it. In the end, it is the product that is what brings in the profit. The guide by Ries provides is the method for creating an initial prototype, which is then presented to investors or consumers who are interested in the idea.
2. Know Who You Want to Serve

Following the initial stage of conceiving an excellent idea for a product or item, is intensive study of market trends and plan. A product launch that seems too good to be true can lead to disaster. To start a successful tech firm, it is essential to understand the market in depth and be aware of the demographics of those who will be the customers. The purpose of planning and conducting market analysis is to prove your business plan by analyzing strategy, customer, product and marketing options, along with the other essential aspects of commerce. What’s important is that to allow a technology startup to be truly market-driven it must observe, involve as well as be constantly sensitive to changes in the marketplace. Simply put, understanding who to promote the product to is just as essential as knowing what the product is. The ability to build a solid community of first-time users who provide feedback isn’t possible by targeting the wrong audience, and without the pioneers, it’s hard to grow the tech business from its infancy. It’s crucial to determine your target market prior to deciding whether you should start a tech business.

3. Develop a Sales Team for Technical

Technological innovations being what they are (technical) It is essential to establish or employ the technical sales department. When you are starting an enterprise in the field of technology, it is crucial that you have a small but effective staff who can implement the product in accordance with its mission. To ensure that the startup company grows, it is vital to build a strong sales team. Given the limited budget, it’s a competitive market, it’s important to hire experts who can assist you to determine your company’s products and niche market. Growth of the


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