HVAC Ductwork Cleaning Keeps Your Home Safe and Comfortable

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After a church in Alabama recently spent several thousand dollars cleaning out the clogged duct work in the basement they finally decided it was time to spend their money more wisely and begin paying for a service contract. The maintenance heating and air conditioning contract includes HVAC ductwork cleaning and inspections twice a year. While the monthly payment will need to be worked into the next year’s budget, it makes more sense than paying the expensive fees to clean out the entire system when someone finally realizes that it hasn’t been cleaned in three years.
Like many other churches and other non-profit organizations, this particular church had a maintenance person on staff part-time. Some jobs, like changing the HVAC air filters twice a year, were done by volunteers. When this volunteer moved away, however, the HVAC ductwork maintenance and air filter changing was forgotten. This forgotten task is what led to the expensive service bill once congregation members began to notice a musty smell.
Whether you own a single family residence or are in charge of the maintenance of a large apartment complex or other type of community building like a church, HVAC ductwork and filter maintenance is not something that should be left to volunteers or untrained workers. Heating and air conditioning systems are expensive investments, and in order to keep them running efficiently professionals advice hiring someone to conduct twice yearly inspections.
The U.S. HVAC industry employs nearly 301,123 people in an estimated 85,469 businesses located in the U.S. This industry grew an estimated 4.1% annually in each of the years between 2009 and 2014. This significant part of the American economy generates an estimated $71 billion in revenue a year.
Proper maintenance, including HVAC ductwork cleaning, protects your heating and air conditioning investment as well as improves the air quality. In fact, changing your HVAC filter regularly will help avoid allergens, including dust and dirt particles that can circulate throughout the air in your home. In addition to having a twice a year inspection, a HVAC filter should be changed at least once every three months. Homes with pets may need to change filters more often. Heating and air conditioning repair companies often offer a reduction on maintenance charges if you sign a multi year contract. Often, lengthy maintenance contracts also include a reduced charge for labor fees in the event you need to replace parts.
Contracting with a reputable heating and air conditioning company that provides both sales and service will provide you with a temperature controlled environment that will keep you comfortable for years.

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