Keep Your Gangly Shady Trees, Just Be Sure to Trim Them

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Everyone loves the shade that trees provide during hot summers. Tree overhang branches and extra leafy offshoots can help keep your home at the right temperature, blocking enough of the sun to stop your window seats from feeling like a hot plate. A perfectly placed tree can even save you up to 25% on your energy bills, according to the National Arbor Foundation, especially Broadleaf trees.

But this does not mean that your trees do not need maintenance. Low branches and loose leaves can often lodge themselves into gutters and cause back-flowing water, and even induce damage to your roof over time. They can also be a hindrance when you are landscaping, and ruin the overall clean, crisp look of your yard. Aesthetics, and the danger of roots seeping into cracks in a house’s foundation, are two major reasons why people request help from a tree removal company.

You do not necessarily have to pay for tree removal services, but you should make sure that you contact tree trimming companies that can help curb the dangers of low hanging, dead branches, and restore the overall appeal of your landscaping.

There are other advantages of tree trimming as well. Not all tree branches survive the changing seasons, and dead branches can become weak, rot, and attract pests. By cutting off the dead limbs, you will be able to restore the tree back to health, and remove potential insect infestations that could lead to further damage, and ultimately, tree removal. Wood Boring Beetles often lay eggs in the bark of a dead tree, and as these eggs hatch, they continue to eat away at the wood.

Tree trimming equipment can also be beneficial in helping to stimulate fruit production on fruit-bearing trees. The dead limbs can infect other branches with fruit growing on them, and cause the fruit to spoil, or stop its maturation process. Carefully pruned trees can also produce larger fruits, as well as stimulate a tree’s crop production.

Perhaps the main benefit of tree trimming is its effect on your yard’s appearance. A wayward tree with wild branches and dead limbs hanging from it can be unsightly. Pruning a tree to keep its branches and leaves in line with the decor of your garden can make it stand out visually, and become a focal point instead of an eyesore.

So do not remove that annoying overgrown tree next to your window, simply take the time to invest in tree trimming, and help the tree become a visual part of your landscaping aesthetics.

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