Learn the Important Plantation Shutter Parts Before Trying to Install Your Own

Basswood shutters

Plantation shutters are always a great option if you are looking to upgrade the window treatments inside your home. They provide an awesome combination of style, temperature and light control, customization, and durability that other products, even the best window blinds, do not. As an added bonus, they are not too difficult to install, and you will likely be able to do so on your own when you have a free afternoon. But before beginning the installation project, you should do a bit of research and learn about plantation shutter parts. Taking the time to do so can help you avoid mistakes and make sure that they are installed and functioning properly.
Though every shutter style is different and unique, there are a handful of plantation shutter parts that every set must include.

  • Panels
  • You could justifiably say that shutter panels are the most important of all the plantation shutter parts. They are a wooden piece that is hinged to allow the shutters to open or close, maximizing light control. Without the panel, they would not be as customizable and easy to adjust.

  • Louvers
  • The louvers, which are also known as slats, are the horizontal pieces of wood that actually rotate. They depend on the panels to move, and can rotate nearly 360 degrees. They are thick enough to prevent light from getting through and can actually help control the temperature in a room as well.

  • Frames
  • The frames can be two, three, or four-sided depending on your needs. They are important for making sure that the shutters are securely installed. They should be solid and sturdy so that they hold their place for a long time. Generally, they are custom-built to fit any specific window.

  • Tilt Rod
  • Without the tilt rod, which is also known as a push rod at times, the individual louvers would not move together. As a result, it would be a pain to open or closet shutters. So though it often gets overlooked, the tilt rod is a vital component.

  • Stiles
  • Stiles are upright pieces of wood that hold the louvers in place and allow them to rotate freely without losing their place. Like most other parts, they can be customized and tweaked for unique aesthetics.
    Since every set of shutters is different, there is some flexibility in how they will be built and how the parts will fit together. However, these parts, and a couple of others, are important for every set of shutters. Without them, shutters would not be such a great choice for when you want to upgrade the interior of your home.

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